Performax Labs Mass Max

Performax Labs Mass Max – Natural Anabolic, Androgenic Complex! Increased Muscle Mass And Vascularity, Improved Protein Synthesis And Appetite, Enhanced Strength And Endurance!


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Improved Muscle Mass & Vascularity!


Anabolic maximization: how do make your hormones work for you? Though androgenic hormones like testosterone are important, your body uses a wide range of other anabolic hormones to regulate muscle growth, and you want these hormones to be firing on all cylinders. That is why Performax Labs is excited to bring you MassMax – the most exciting, cutting-edge anabolic available. We have combined the best drivers of muscle growth with compounds designed to improve digestion, absorption, and bioavailability.


Epicatechin – Potent muscle and strength builder that acts by decreasing myostatin and increasing follistatin, as well as increasing blood flow.


Methyl Palmitate/Methyl Oleate – Fatty acid esters from honeybee drone milk with potent anabolic effects.


Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome – Chinese medicinal root that improves gastric emptying and intestinal motility for better absorption.


Sodium caprate – Absorption enhancer via increased opening of cellular tight junctions.


Piperine – Extracted from black pepper, it slows down the elimination of compounds so their bioavailability is increased.


By combining anabolic enhancers with bioavailability activators, we have created a truly unique formula that can create and sustain a hormonal milieu which will drive lean mass growth. By tapping into nature’s methods of sustained growth through the utilization of extracts discovered in honeybee drone milk and in the processes of insect molting, this formula is revolutionizing how gains in muscle mass are achieved. Maximize your hard-earned gains in the gym with the best-in-class anabolic activator: MassMax!


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